Better Fish – it’s time for a fish revolution!

  • Only certified products of aquaculture and fishery
  • Specialized brand, devoted to fish and seafood
  • Comprehensive offer: fresh, smoked, frozen, preserves
  • Packaging based on recycled materials

Who we are?

Better Fish is a specialized brand, dedicated to fish and seafood, which offers the widest range of  certified aquaculture and fishery products in Poland. Better Fish products are made on the basis of raw materials originating exclusively from BIO or MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified sources.

High quality of products is guaranteed by certified raw material coming from verified suppliers as well as by efficient production process based on traditional solutions.



BIO certification guarantees a high level of quality of a product made without GMO and antibiotics.


MSC certificate is an equivalent of BIO certificate for wild fish, not farmed.

MSC standard proves that fish come from stable, well-managed fisheries.


Our offer is being constantly developed by new species of fish and fish-based products, in accordance with expectations of our mindful and demanding bio consumers.

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